Information on ordering with Naya Nayon


To order you have to register for a wholesale account. Go to Register.

Another way to order is to use the order form. This is handy for large orders with items in different colors.
You find the the order form here: Naya Nayon Colors Form xls and Naya Nayon Colors Form xlsx.

Small orders you can also submit per email.
Mention class, series, code, description, dimensions and price of the article, the number of articles you want, together with any request (on color etc.).
Also mention preferred method of payment and shipment and your company name, company address and delivery address.

Once receiving the order,we send you an invoice as confirmation, with the prices, estimation of transportation costs and delivery time and start processing the order as soon as the first payment has been made.



Prices in our catalogus are in USD and EXW Quito.
All items are priced per piece, being the only exception the raw nuts and slices on the page Crude Tagua.

Product and transport prices are without possible import duties or VAT levied on importation. Check locally about these and see also the paragraph on shipment.


Order amounts and discounts

You can order any quantity you want (we do not apply minimum order amounts).
For orders until 250 USD we charge a handling fee of 10 USD.

For orders over 500 USD we offer discounts:

amount (USD)discount (%)
1 00010
2 50015
5 00020
10 00025

The discounts for the raw tagua series are different. Ask for more information.


Delivery time

Depending on amount from one week to three or more months.

Usually we have about 50 till 80 % of an order in stock; the other items come from production. Because of the nature of our items (hand made by local artisans) production time can be long, especially if items do not comply with quality standards and have to be redone.
Take also into account that the smaller your order, the longer the delivery time can get. In case item is not stock, and the quantity ordered is small, we have to wait for additional orders to start production of the item.

To offer you the optimum balance in delivery time and article choice we have different delivery types you can choose from:

  • from stock - immediate shipping, only items in stock
  • from stock with replacement - shipping form stock with replacement of items not in stock by similar items
  • deadline - shipping on a fixed date with items ready by that date
  • deadline with replacement - shipping on fixed date with replacement of items not ready by similar items
  • complete - shipping when the order is ready

Mention with your order what delivery type you want.



We can ship by courier, consolidated air freight and air freight.

A fast, convenient and secure way to send small orders is per courier.
Naya Nayon works with DHL.
This is our preferred shipping method for small orders for North America and the rest of the world except Europe.
Delivery time is in 2 to 5 working days depending on destination.
Custom's clearance is country of destiny can add one or more days to the delivery time.
Take note that in some destinies you will be charged upon receving your parcel import tax, VAT and a fee by DHL. The last one, the DHL fee, is generally about 11 USD.
Import taxes are around 10 %. VAT should be the country's VAT but we have seen it higer as well.
For the USA parcels with a value under 800 USD, including shipment costs, are exempt of import taxes.
From 2021 the European Union started charging VAT on all incoming shipments regardless their value or weight.

Bundled shipments
A special shipping options is the bundled shipment.
We ship a group of orders by air freight to our distributor in The Netherlands (Naya Nayon Europe).
Naya Nayon Europe does the custom clearance in the European Union and forward your delivery to you.

Shipment by bundled air freight has two big advantages:
- the price: it is cheaper, depending on weight and destiny up to over 40 %
- free of import duties as we import the goods in the European Union and ship it to you from The Netherlands
On the other hand for destination within the EU, we add the VAT to the bill.
So in case you can import without paying VAT on the goods, shipping by EMS is probably the better option.
If you pay VAT anyway when importing then consolidated shipment is in general more convenient.

For orders over 100 kgs we can ship by air freight.
We ship airfreight from Ecuador to all mayor airports in North America, Europe and the rest of the world.
Normal transportation time is about 2 days.
Rates on request.

Sea freight
Big orders we can also ship by sea freight.


Planning bundled shipments for the coming twelve months

Shipment Departure Delivery
July 2024.07.19 end July
August 2024.08.16 end August
September 2024.09.20 end September
October 2024.10.27 beginning November
December 2024.12.01 mid December
January 2025.01.24 beginning February
March 2025.03.07 mid March
April 2025.04.25 beginning May
June 2024.06.06 mid June
  • Depart and delivery dates are planned dates. Take into account that these may be changed due to circumstances.
  • You can submit and confirm your order until a week for departure of the bundled shipment. Delivery will then be from stock.
  • To enable production of pieces for your order, please order one to two months in advance.


Conditions of Payment

The method of payment depends on the amount involved:

small orders (up to 1 000 USD)
Full prepayment.

medium orders (1 000 - 10 000 USD)
Full prepayment.
Later orders can be done with prepayment of 50 % and payment of 50 %, once you have received the goods (within five days).
Transport is in case we organize it, prepaid or paid on collect.

large orders (more than 10 000 USD)
Letter of Credit or comparable secure payment



You can pay us in the following ways:

  • in USD: deposit on our bank accounts in Ecuador or the USA
  • in GBP, AUD: deposit on our bank accounts in the United Kindom and Australia
  • in Euros: deposit on our bank account in The Netherlands
  • in Euros: with credit card
  • in USD or Euros: PayPal

Conversion rate and costs of payment
For payments in Euros: we apply the conversion rate euro-dollar on the day the first payment is received.
The rate applied is the normal bank rate. The fee to cover the risks and costs of conversion and money transfer is 2 %.
Costs of payment and bank deposits are for buyer.
For credit card payments of sums over 500 USD a payment fee of 4 % applies.



In case we handle the transportation we will do our best to have you receive the goods in perfect condition.
Our experience is that with the most fragil items (tagua figurines) the damage during transport is about 1 to 3 %.
Our other goods usually arrive in perfect conditions.
Where we deliver CFR, we will refund any damage above 5 % of the number or value of the goods, whichever is higher.
In case of loss or damage falling under responsability of the transporter we will process the file with the transporting company and refund you.
In no case the refund will be higher than the value of the damaged or lost goods plus the invoiced shipping costs.

If you want guarantee that all goods will arrive in good condition, you can insure the shipment for 2 % of the value of the order (including shipping).
With that insurance we will refund any damaged piece or we will replace it with no extra cost for shipment.
We assume clients opt not to have the insurance, so mention it explicitly with your order.


General conditions

The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Our general conditions apply. You can see them on www.nayanayon.com/en/info/conditions.htm .


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