Naya Nayon is since 2000 supplier of quality tagua.
This is our online webshop for raw tagua nuts.
All tagua nuts are well dried, selected on size and garantueed of first quality.

The Tagua Nut

The nut of the Tagua palm (Phytelephas macrocarpa) is when dried exceptionally hard and with its white colour and shine beautiful material.

It is used for jewelry, marquetry, finish material for luxury products (knives, pens etc.), musical instruments and figurine carving (scrimshaw, netsuke).

We offer 5 sizes of tagua nuts, from mini to extra large.

in mm
per kg
extra large6514

Which size to choose

Smaller nuts are ideal for making beads and other jewelry pieces, large nuts for carving.

For slicing and cutting choose the smallest size that fits your needs.
We recommend the larger nuts for carving.

When tagua dries the material looses water and therefore shrinks. This causes cracks inside the nut.
The cracks are small with smaller sizes and get bigger with larger nuts.
When slicing larger sizes do so lengthwise on the three sides of the nuts, so the odds you'll hit the cracks is minimal.

  • Naya Nayon is since 2000 supplier of quality tagua products.
  • all our tagua is well dried, free of pests, selected and garantueed of first quality.
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