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Naya Nayon Hammocks

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Naya Nayon Hammocks are high-quality, small scale made, durable hammocks.
A Naya Nayon hammock is a jewel for your garden and house. They are comfortable yet sturdy.
Design and control of hammocks is done by Naya Nayon in Quito.
Production of the hammocks is done by small scale family weaveries in Imbabura, Ecuador. We work with a select group of Indian weavers.

Naya Nayon Tagua

tagua jewellery Kaon

Tagua is a gift of nature.
And the finest tagua comes from Naya Nayon.
Naya Nayon is the world's brand for quality tagua.
We specialize in beads, tagua jewelry and other decorative items of tagua.


Onno Heerma van Voss

Onno Heerma van Voss

Onno Heerma van Voss is founder and director of Naya Nayon.
A Dutchman, forest engineer, who came in 1999 to Ecuador and fell in love with the country.
Besides general management, he is your contact for sales.

Marlene Yugsi

Marlene Yugsi

Marlene Yugsi is in charge of the tagua branch.
She organizes production, quality control of tagua, as well as order preparation and dispatch.
She has been part of our team since 2011.

Erika Caiza

Erika Caiza

Erika Caiza is in charge of the hammock branch.
She organizes production and quality control of the hammocks.
She works with Naya Nayon since 2013.

Vision Naya Nayon

We want to act on a basis of trust.
We want to be proud and happy of our products, our service and our deeds.
Naya Nayon aims to establish durable partnerships with providers and resellers.
We believe that our providers and clients should feel good when and after dealing with us.

Mision Naya Nayon

Naya Nayon wants to be a worldwide renowned brand for tagua and hammocks, distinguishing itself through the quality, design and durability of its products and with the excellence of its service.
Naya Nayon should mean quality, beauty and honesty.
While our products are not necessarily the cheapest, they offer the best price-quality combination.

Naya Nayon ethics

We believe in fair trade, reasonable prices and that this will benefit all of us.
We encourage good working conditions and do not accept child labor.

We want to offer the people a future and the possibility to grow by working. Our aim is that the companies who supply us, can grow and prosper and so strengthen the country's development and the country's economy.

We believe in the necessity of a clean environment and contribute to it wherever possible.

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