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Naya Nayon

Naya Nayon is the brand of fine Ecuadorian hammocks and tagua.


Artes Saquil s.a. is a young, ambitious company established in the year 2000, based in Quito, Ecuador, with European management.
Currently we have a team of 5 persons at the office of Artes Saquil in Quito.
We work closely together with some 10 providers of either tagua or hammocks.
In total Naya Nayon provides work for an estimated 50 persons.
In The Netherlands we established in 2004 our distributor for Europe: Naya Nayon Europe.
It has stock of hammocks for sale to our European clients and works as the importer and forwarder for tagua orders that are prepared in Ecuador and sent as consolidated shipment to Europe.

Naya Nayon ethics

We believe in fair trade, reasonable prices and that this will benefit all of us.
We encourage good working conditions and do not accept child labor.

We want to offer the people a future and the possibility to grow by working. Our aim is that the companies who supply us, can grow and prosper and so strengthen the country's development and the country's economy.

We believe in the necessity of a clean environment and contribute to it wherever possible.

Mision Naya Nayon

Naya Nayon wants to be a worldwide renowned brand for tagua and hammocks, distinguishing itself with quality, design and durability of products and for excellence of service.
Naya Nayon should mean quality, beauty and honesty.
While our products are not necessarily the cheapest, we do offer the best price-quality combination.

Vision Naya Nayon

We want to act on a basis of trust.
We want to be proud and happy of our products, our service and our deeds.
Naya Nayon aims to establish durable partnerships with providers and resellers.
We believe that our providers and clients should feel good when and after dealing with us.

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